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Still Scared of Injections?


The Ultrapeel® II microdermabrasion system represents the most innovative and technologically advanced medical microdemabrasion system available. The Ultrapeel® II allows users to perform a vast range of treatments in a completely safe, hygienic, and sterile manner.

Crystal Flow Regulation

The Ultrapeel II gives users the opportunity to save crystals by utilizing the latest crystal flow regulation feature onboard. In addition, the vacuum power setting and the adjustment feature allow for the machine to be configured for any type of use and is completely safe for both patients and users.

Built in Compressor for Critical Applications

The Ultrapeel II is packaged with a pedal, enabling air compression for deeper treatments.

Reliable and Versatile

The Ultrapeel II is the most reliable and versatile machine on the market. With its easy to use accessories, sterilization features and power regulations; the Ultrapeel II represents the standard of care in the medical field.


Dull, Congested and Dry Skin

Blemished Skin

Active Acne

Enlarged Pores

Facial and Body Peeling

Aging Skin


Superficial Ryhtides

Minor Scars

Scar Revision

Stretch Marks

Localized Hyper Pigmentation and Mark Reduction

Pre-treatment for Further Applications

Technical Specifications

Power Supply:
Supply Voltage: 110V, Single Phase
Frequency: 60 Hz
Power Absorption: 35 VA
Fuses: 2 x 4 AT at 110V, 60Hz
Class (according to IEC 601-1): 1 Type BF

Suction Power: From 0.2 to 0.8 bar (below 10,000 mt altitude)

Dimensions:     30x30x500 mm
                      12x12x20 mm

Weight: 20kg (44 lbs)